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Jon has been selling firearm safes for the past 26 years after taking over the business from his father. His knowledge of their products and his service go beyond the expected level of service you’ll find at any of the big box stores. Talk to Jon to get some honest answers to your questions, not a sales pitch.

What Makes Us Different?

At Shamrock Safes, we carry the best brands in the business. Our expert experience can direct you to the finest-quality gun safe or gun vault that fits your needs. Don’t let your guns, money, documents and gold go unprotected any longer. Keep them safe with a top-quality gun safe or gun vault from Shamrock Safes. With some of the heaviest and toughest safes on the market today, our safes are built for the long haul.

The importance of having a gun safe goes far beyond just having a storage place for your weapons. Owning a gun safe gives you the peace of mind knowing that your guns, money, documents and gold are in a secured location where young children or thieves can’t get access to them.